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Kambo Pilgrimage Retreat
Iquitos, Peru


Have you been dreaming of a Kambo Pilgrimage to Peru?

Do you want to connect directly with Kambo- calling Kambo out of the trees and milking Kambo with the Matsés?

Would you like to deeply strengthen  your connection with the spirit of Kambo through a Kambo Shamanic Dieta and Ayahuasca Ceremonies?

If you answered "YES!" to the above, you might be interested in our 12 Day Kambo Pilgrimage Retreat in Peru on the Amazon River taking place September 19-30, 2022.

Come join us on our unique 12 Day Kambo Pilgrimage Retreat at the Kambo Naturista retreat center outside Iquitos, Peru wherein you will:

- Accompany the Matsés to call, collect and milk the Kambo frogs.

- Experience Kambo with fresh medicine taken directly from the frog (not dried).

- Open your Kambo Shamanic Dieta with an Ayahuasca Ceremony led by Jess of Heal Your Tribe/La Familia Ayahuasca.

- Partake in an 8 day Kambo Shamanic Dieta in isolation led by Deyan of Kambo Naturista.

- Close the Kambo Shamanic Dieta with another Ayahuasca Ceremony led by Jess of Heal Your Tribe/La Familia Ayahuasca.

- Meet with Chief Angel of the Matsé tribe to learn about Matsé cosmology.

- Only 10 spaces available for this retreat

 $1950USD/per person including food, lodging and all ceremonies.


In this retreat, not only will we get to experience going into the jungle and collecting the frogs with a member of the Matsés tribe, we will also deepen our connection with Kambo through experiencing fresh medicine applied directly from the frogs, and also through the practice of Shamanic Dieta.  Finally, it wouldn’t be a proper jungle retreat with La Familia Ayahuasca/Heal Your Tribe if we didn’t weave in the profound magic of Ayahuasca to open and close our dieta!


Here are the details:


Retreat Dates:  September 19-30, 2022


  • Day 1:

    • Arrive, settle in

    • At night, we will go with a member of the Matsés tribe out into the jungle to collect the Frogs!


  • Day 2:

    • AM:  We will have a ceremony with fresh medicine, applied directly from the Frogs onto your open gates.  From what I learned from Deyan, this is a very different experience from the reconstituted medicine we are used to working with, and it is very deep and very potent.

    • PM:  To open our Kambo Dieta, Jess will be leading us in an Ayahuasca ceremony.


  • Day 3 - Day 10

    • Kambo Dieta.  (Dieta is a shamanic training technique wherein we self-isolate and keep a strict, bland diet so that we can cultivate a relationship with the Spirit of the medicine we are dieting.  Click here to learn more about Shamanic Dietas

    • We will all be doing personal deep-dives with the Spirit of Kambo in individual tambos (jungle huts) set in isolated locations in the jungle on the retreat property.  This portion of the retreat will be facilitated by Deyan, who will decide with each of you individually on how to conduct the dieta.  You may decide to do more full Kambo ceremonies, or you may sit with one point each day to facilitate a profound connection with Kambo.


  • Day 11

    • We will end the dieta ceremonially with salt, and celebrate that evening with an Ayahuasca ceremony, led by Jess, to close out the dieta and the retreat.

    • We are also looking into having Chief Angel of the Matsé tribe come out to tell us traditional Matsé origin stories that are not written anywhere!  Tressa and I had the pleasure of meeting him and hearing these fascinating stories, as well as many other unique methods of receiving Kambo when we were in Iquitos.


  • Day 12

    • Check out day


The cost of the retreat is $1950, which covers all medicine, ceremonies, food and lodging.  There are only 10 spots available for this retreat. 

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