Holographic Sound Healing Training


Do you have a burning desire to develop your innate intuitive and healing capacities to assist and support the evolution of humanity?


Do you want to create a relationship with the Masters, Guides and Spirits who are here to support our spiritual evolution?


Do you want to learn to become a clear channel and portal for healing energies?


If you answered “Yes”, to any of the above questions, then you may want to consider our Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner Course. 







During your Holographic Sound Healing training, you will:

  • Receive an introduction to Egyptian Mystery School Teachings

  • Learn the application of sacred geometry in Holographic Sound Healing

  • Learn the Mudra of Divine Creation and its applications

  • Learn the Frequency of Divine Creation and its applications

  • Learn how to work with the Violet Flame of St. Germaine

  • Receive an introduction to the Hathors, Masters of Love and Sound

  • Experience 4 Sound Healing Meditation Transmissions:  

    • Anchoring of the Unity Chakra System, 

    • Activation of the Merkaba Light Body, 

    • Rejuvenation Through Life Force Chakra Breath, 

    • Past Life Mastery Retrieval

  • Obtain direct knowledge and experience of the effects of sound on the body

  • Open and expand vocal toning capacities

  • Learn and perform full Holographic Sound Healing sessions

  • Become a certified Level 2 Holographic Sound Healing Practitioner.  This course includes Levels 1 & 2.   This certification is through The Institute for Holographic Sound and Inner Balance.


Additional Benefits You Will Receive from the Holographic Sound Healing Training:


  • Open your voice such that you can use it as a channel for divine energy.

  • Establish, connect and strengthen your relationship with your higher teachers and guides.

  • Become a powerful vessel of healing, communitas, catharsis and ecstasis.

  • If you already practice another healing modality like Kambo, energy medicine, plant medicines- your will level up those practices with Holographic Sound Healing.


2022 Workshop Dates

June 7 -June 10 Medicine Camp Portland, OR

Holographic Sound Healing Certification $850/Person

Jess and Krista

Combine Sound Healing Certification with Kambo and Save!

Optional Lodging Available





August 1- August 4 Holographic Sound Healing Certification


Optional Lodging Available

In the beginning there was the word, and there was God, and the word was God.  


What is word?  It is sound.  What is sound?  It is vibration.  It is the unmoved first mover.  The primary element.  It is pure consciousness passing through your illuminated throat center, your visshuda, and with the felt sense of your intention, vibrating into form.  Sound is the shining seed of manifestation, containing the infinite potential of consciousness.  Sound Healing through you is the infinite potential of consciousness, qualified by the medicine you already possess.


Words and song are sacred.  Universally, chanting and song is a keystone modality of shamanism.  Since the dawn of humanity, sound itself has created the portal through which we communicate with the unseen world and send our prayers to Masters, Guides and Ancestors.


In its simplest terms, Holographic sound is using multidimensional sound which penetrates every level of consciousness, and Holographic Sound Healing utilizes the essence of Holographic sound for the purpose of healing.