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Heal Your Tribe Course Training Facilitators

Krista Hagman

Michael Peterson

Julie Roxane & Alasdair

Jess and Zach Poitra
Krista Hagman

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Krista Hagman is a fascia-fanatic, bodyworker, sound medicine practitioner, and Kambo facilitator. She holds a Master's Degree in Applied Social Sciences and a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. She was drawn to Buddhism and Yoga in her late teens, and her personal embodiment practice has been a strong anchor in her life for over 14 years with yoga asana and nearly 30 years with dance. She is an ERYT-500 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, 500 hr.). Krista is the founder of FreeingBodies, whose mission it is to facilitate the discovery of freedom and creativity within the human experience. It always made sense to Krista to respect the gifts and medicines of nature to support the healing process. Her interest in holistic & functional medicine increased greatly when she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an auto-immune disorder, in early 2018. 


Her greatest joys are empowered-embodiment, creative expression, and communal gathering. She believes Kambo is an excellent teacher for cultivating greater embodiment and surrender. Krista has a deep reverence for Kambo’s powerful, loving nature, and the resiliency of the human spirit she’s witnessed through the Frog Medicine.


She started working with Kambo in early 2019 and saw great benefit in her personal healing. She completed Levels 1 & 2 of Heal Your Tribe training in the summer of 2020. It is an honor for Krista to hold space for the challenging and deeply rewarding experiences Kambo provides. She offers a deep bow to the brilliance and wisdom of the Heal Your Tribe Team and is humbled by all those who are committed to their healing journey.  She believes the human experience is meant to be creative, expressive, reverent, wild, and playful.

Michael Peterson

In 2019 Michael completed the full La Familia Ayahuasca Kambo Deeksha Training Program and has taken to facilitating Kambo sessions like a frog to trees ;-).

Michael first met Zach and Jess in August of 2018. Having just finished his graduate studies in business and public policy, he went to Guatemala to do some personal development work and study Spanish before starting his Peace Corps service.


Ayahuasca was the first part of his journey with Zach and Jess in Guatemala, and ended up being a catalyst for unexpected levels of growth and self exploration. After his first retreat, he immediately signed up for the rest of their retreats during his time in Guatemala. 


In addition to being a Kambo practitioner, Michael also studies Ayahuasca and tree medicine with Zach and Jess.  If that were already not enough, he also studies at Amaru Spirit under the guidance of David ‘Slocum’ Hewson, to become a Tobaquero.


Julie- Roxane & Alasdair

Julie-Roxane & Alasdair

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Julie-Roxane is a French born medicine woman living in Portland, OR with her husband Alasdair. The current focus of her work is around birth and postpartum, the sacred feminine and the element of water. 


Julie-Roxane met Kambo in June of 2020. At that time, she was deeply healing from the resurfacing of a childhood sexual trauma just a few years prior and in her words, her first time sitting with Kambo was and still is one of the most potent, healing and life changing experience in her life. 


Shortly after that experience, the medicine guided her to be trained by Jess alongside Alasdair, in her apartment overlooking Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.


Since then, she has served this medicine to many people, and has witnessed deep healing, shifts and transformations both in herself, her husband and the people they have served together. It is both an honor and a privilege for Julie-Roxane to be a servant of this magical medicine, so heart-centered and deeply somatically healing. 


Julie-Roxane and Alasdair currently live and hold cacao ceremonies, sound healing journeys and Kambo circles on a piece of old growth forest just south of Portland, Oregon.

Alasdair serves as a wilderness guide, retreat leader, Kambo practitioner, and husband. He’s the cofounder of Wild Within whose mission is to reconnect us with the universal healing power of nature and plant the seeds for the return of soul-centered society. He cohosts the FAR OUT podcast with his wife Julie-Roxane, where they share their journey. 


In 2014, Alasdair first met ayahuasca sitting with a Quechuan tribe in the hills outside Cusco. It was there, in response to ayahuasca’s question, that he made the commitment to live a life of service (although he had no idea what that meant.) 


Soon after he embarked on a healing journey that saw him leaving his job and life in San Diego to wander around the world. A year into his travels he met the love of his life, Julie-Roxane in a chai shop in Rajasthan, India. 


It wasn’t until 2020 that he finally reunited with ayahuasca when he met Zach and Jess while living in Guatemala. Quickly after he was also introduced to Kambo by Jess which was deeply healing. Soon after he trained as a Kambo facilitator with Jess and committed to being a student of ayahuasca and the medicine path with La Familia. 

Zach and Jess
Zach and Jess

Jess discovered Kambo almost immediately after her first Ayahuasca retreat.  It is like the two spirits pulled her towards both of them at the same time.  

In fact, Jess's first time with Kambo was an inoculation wherein she almost immediately had a transcendent experience with Kambo which is quite unusual.  Soon after that first session with Kambo, Jess found herself to be room mates with two Kambo practitioners.  So, almost immediately after her introduction to Kambo, Jess was helping these practitioners with their  Kambo circles.

Jess had started studying Ayahuasca and doing shamanic dietas with plants and trees before being fully trained with Kambo. In fact it was actually during an Ayahuasca ceremony that Kambo appeared in her visions saying "You know we are going to be working together, right?"

Soon after Jess's vision through Ayahuasca, both Jess and Zach were fully initiated into Kambo and received their full training.

In contrast to Jess, Zach's first experience with Kambo was at his Ayahuasca retreat center in Peru way back in 2011.  It was not as pretty of a story as Jess's.


One day at Zach's camp,  Pepé a local Matsés casually stopped by the camp and offered him Kambo.  

Zach accepted the invitation, but there was little ceremony, explanation nor preparation around the experience.  The two of them simply went out to a clearing in the jungle wherein Pepé burned three very large gates (holes in the skin) into Zach's arm and applied a large amount of Kambo to those gates.

Zach fell to the ground quite quickly was writhing in the dirt. He promptly had the thought, "Oh my god, Pepé gave me too much and I am going to die!"

Of course, Zach did not die, but there was not much in terms of prep, ceremony nor post treatment conversation.  This left Zach a little put off by the experience.  

It was not until Jess came along that Zach started to hear stories around Kambo and how powerfully healing and transformative that it could be.  So, it is through Jess that Zach ended up following Jess on the path of Kambo.  It is through Jess, that Zach has learned to fully appreciate Kambo and have his own wonderful direct experiences with Kambo.

In the Poitra family, Jess is the Frog Queen as she clearly has a special relationship with Kambo.

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